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Zac also takes the gals on a journey through his sexual career, from being an alleged late bloomer, to getting a blowjob on the dance floor, to fucking on a dumpster, to the very tame tale of meeting his wife on OkCupid and getting her a cat-themed engagement ring. This week is jam-packed, listen up! The duo also advices a Fucker who is unsure if she is being a dumb bitch, Corinne has 3 men confess their love for her, and Krystyna is mad about how expensive The League is.

Then the ladies chat with the amazing, record-breaking musician JOJO iamjojo! JoJo gets real about being voluntarily celibate for nearly a year, finding herself whilst being single, growing up in a the music industry surrounded by predators, the importance of owning your music, being a kissing bandit, fucking on a rooftop, her close relationship with her mother, not feeling shame for enjoying pleasure, writing horny songs, and so much more. Jessica dives right into Jewish fear, not ever being single for more than 6 months, the amount of crying in lesbian relationships, her parents getting rid of her dog while she was at summer camp, running into a deer in New Jersey, motherhood, ugly kids, Helen Mirren, therapists, and so much more.

Noor dives right into her experience working for five years with the special victims unit counseling people who experienced all kinds of domestic violence, how the system sets people up to fail, and what red flags to be aware of in potential abusers. Noor also gets real about her choice to wear a hijab, being an influencer who gives a fuck, learning about sex with her very religious but very educated parents, having a dad who is terrible at finding husbands for her, and much more!

Liz gets real about her dad who picked her up from sleepovers at 6am and always has a tampon ready, being one of five kids, and the complexity of mental illness and less than perfect childhoods.

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Listen up! Justin gets real about being an allegedly dorky guy who has been arrested multiple times, including once for riding an adult tricycle. Phil dives right into his tales of being a male hoe, going with a sugar mama to Paris, finding porn at the age of six, and having his uncle teach him how to eat pussy.

Phil also confesses to being a Christian with some questions, texting his exes over quarantine, and being a great boyfriend who only cheated four times. Then Lauren and our dynamic duo read some Fucker emails and dish out some advice on boyfriends with bloody dicks, getting clit blocked by covid, not being attracted to nice guys, and much more! Ashley gets into it about what it is like being an openly gay comedian on a cruise ship, answers the question of whether you should get Botox on a cruise, defines what a pillow princess is, and reveals her fear of double-ended dildos.

Plus, the trio gets real about breaking co-dependency, non-verbal consent, and how to find quality lesbian porn! This time the duo is talking about concerning ex-girlfriend behavior, man-squirts, broken toes, risky twin brother threesomes, and much more. Mark dives right into how the best way to seek answers is to seek them from within yourself, why people are attracted to those who replicate their trauma, how to stop over-giving to a partner, and the difference between narcissism and selfishness. The trio also gets into it about taking personal responsibility for who you choose to be with, and the fact that ending a bad relationship can be one of the most positive things you can do for yourself.

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Plus, Carmen details living in Spain for the first eight years of her life, performing comedy in Spanish, the one time she fell asleep during sex, and how many times she has been in love! Buckle up for tales of a first breakup, an encounter with a bullhorn-shaped penis, the Heimlich maneuver on a grown man, and more!

Calvin gets right into it about his sex-free quarantine, being born in NYC but also being nice an d normal, reading the Bible cover to cover as a child, and how writing erotica inspired his first gay hook-up in high school. Listen up.

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Then the duo sits down with psychologist, activist, and writer DR. Taylor details for our hosts the prevailing theories on why women are consistently victim-blamed for sexual harassment and assault, and breaks down the ways various institutions create and uphold this belief. Taylor gets into it on how to stop this vicious cycle of victim blaming, reveals her most radical belief, and educates us on the violent history of psychiatry.

Listen up Fuckers and stay strong. Stay safe out there! Buckle up Fuckers this one is a doozy! Tweet Corinne: twitter. Two Liberals gone rogue comedians Joe DeRosa and Corinne Fisher explore controversial news stories from the perspective of the extreme right and extreme left to see if a logical answer lies anywhere in the mess and invite audience members to participate in the conversation Town Hall style.

Free speech. Unbiased news. Common sense. Everyone is welcome, no one will be canceled. New episodes out every Tuesday, listen on Luminary or watch on YouTube! And man do they read all of it and roast it too. After all that the duo debate the point of having a kid, reflect on childhood bullying, and try to figure out why some girls flirt with their dads. Woop woop, happy Memorial Day Fuckers and welcome to another bonus episode!

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Wendi gets real about her time as a sugar baby, and the threesome talk spinning on dicks, selling videos of yourself farting on OnlyFans, selling panties filled with covid and so much more. Chloe dives right into her Gossip Girl-esque lifestyle, regaling the girls with tales of hiding cocaine in a printer at boarding school, going to the same rehab center as Scott Disick, having an expired IUD, and all the characters you meet in a NY psych ward.

Plus, treating yourself by going to rehab in Malibu, shitty break-ups, mental health struggles, and why Chloe got kicked off Bumble! Plus, the quartet play a round of Would You Rather that hits close to home! An unironic podcast for adult Justin Bieber fans who also enjoy chats about the Illuminati, Hollywood conspiracy theories, and general hot celebrity goss! Hosted by Corinne Fisher and Rosebud Baker. Then, in order to celebrate this special occasion, we decide to get mystical, folks!

Doing All I Can So My Sugar Daddy Won't Leave Me - Gay Comedy - All Yours

After his completely spot-on character breakdowns, Mark gives the gals some tarot readings about their love lives. Thanks for taking this magical ride with us. Miss Me Yet? She gets completely candid about everything and anything, and is as lovely and fucking awesome as you think she would be. I mean just listen, fuckers. For full duo touring schedule, please visit www. Teresa gets super honest about figuring out her attraction to men, women and non-binary people, Asian fetishes, having her own fetish for love, and learning to masturbate through leg lifts at the gym! Stak - "She Says" 2.

He tells the gals all about his childhood journey from Brooklyn to Florida, aka diet Brooklyn, his relationship with God as a queer man, his experience in conversion therapy, and his serial monogamy. The trio meditates on how women can be kind to one other even in awkward sexual and emotional triangles, being a badass business babe, and not sacrificing important female friendships for male attention. PLUS: Alex confesses why the police were called the first time she masturbated Rachel tells us the beautiful and inspiring tale of how she went from desperately lonely and picking up dudes at a steakhouse to marrying a hot New York firefighter.

Rachel also teaches us about doing character work to help communicate with your partner and takes us through her past, not so great boyfriends. PLUS: Rachel avoids a pedophile by being bad at math!

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Krystyna gets intellectually aroused by dick pics and Corinne wants women to stop letting their boyfriends steal their shine and exploit their free labor. Bob tells us about being in his first relationship with his guest starring boyfriend who is stealing the mic and asking the important questions. Bob gets real about open relationships, hooking up, identifying as polyamorous and how often people poop while having anal sex!

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  4. Plus everything you want to know about eating ass! Davaughn - "Hit My Line" 2. Also Krystyna tries to film herself riding a dildo and Corinne goes on a porn bender! Frank tells the gals his stance on using the f word not fuck the homophobic one , why he's not really into monogamy, and his parents' incredibly loving marriage. Then he gets real about weathering four deaths in quick succession, mental illness, and how anti-depressants have helped him so much.

    The trio learn about some of Frank's first loves, including a wasp prince, and why his current, 15 year long "Don't Ask Don't Tell" open relationship works so well.

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    The gals grill Karley on what it was like to fuck a male sex doll in front of a camera crew, discuss why women feel less inclined to hire sex workers, and find out what sort of porn Karley is into! The three bond over their shared experiences of being career sluts and maturing in their sluttiness and chat about how people who aren't sex workers can support sex workers. Desmond gives us his take on how sixth grade is going, shares his experience coming out at the age of ten and clarifies that he's just a boy who likes dressing in girl's clothes. Plus he announces his new kid's book and sings us a few bars from his upcoming single!

    Then the gals get real with Desmond's mom on how the family copes with the vitriol and hate directed towards Desmond for being his authentic self. We all agree that Wendy is no stage mom and that Desmond was simply born fabulous. He tells us what learning about sex in Kuwait was like, how he fled war at the age of 9, and how many more boobs he saw when he immigrated to the US! Mo gets real about growing up quickly, getting engaged at 19, and his star-crossed story of first love. Plus the gals give fuckers live advice about abuse, sex work resources and how to become a stripper when your boyfriend is insecure.

    First though, the ladies delve into the science behind their attraction to DILFs, Corinne lifts a stranger's suitcase and wants you to do the same, and Krystyna has a major breakthrough in therapy. The duo also gets honest about fame, and Corinne reminds New Yorkers to vote for their public advocate. He tells the ladies what it was like growing up in the Soviet Union with Zaddy Lenin and constantly burning fire pits. Then Boris explains how he immigrated to the US and ended up getting his foreskin chopped off at the ripe old age of seven. The ladies discuss how Kara discovered dicks by bathing her baby brothers and Kara gives her hot-takes and how-tos on pregnancy science and how she's feeling being an actively pregnant lady comedian.

    Kara gets real about how common miscarriages can be, and then discusses losing her virginity at 22 to a John Cusack look-alike! After Fran Drescher's dog bites our new employee, the women get into it about gay ex-husbands turned best friends, saying no, being a superstar not a trophy wife, and Fran's completely poetic and powerful outlook on life, growth, trauma and surviving both sexual assault and cancer.

    Then Fran teaches us that fuck buddies are timeless!

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    Chazzykaidd - "HeartBeat" 2. The three get deep about Corinne and Justin's romantic friendship, seriously traumatizing childhoods, Justin's first bubble butt experience, managing OCD and a love of super filthy sex, and what Justin wants out of his next relationship. Yasmine Gill - "Love Games" 2. The three female comedy pros discuss how Louis C. Bae ft. Gretzkii - "Disconnected" 2. Kelly" but it will continue next week as Corinne has since finished the series and been blocked by the monster himself on Twitter. AND: Corinne navigates the murky waters of people thinking they "get you".