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How to be a Man: Why are many men still far too reluctant to go the doctor. How to be a Man: undergoing a prostate cancer test fills many men with fear — but it can be life-saver. How to be a Man: Women pay more for products aimed at them, but men are fast catching up. How to be a Man: It's easy to tell the doctor about an injury or illness.

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HIV rise: being man enough to stay safe

Patrick Freyne: Masculinity in crisis? Most homoerotic experience in rural Ireland? What are men looking for now in a partner? In praise of men Anthea McTeirnan. Stephen Donnelly: I am a very proud feminist What type of man are you? Take our quiz Patrick Freyne. Bressie: 'Sobbing uncontrollably is liberating What might a father teach daughters about gender in this era of tub-thumping feminism?

Mark Paul. How much should you be working out?

Wendy Williams Apologizes For Comments About Gay Men

Harry Leech. Mark Paul: Men feel alienated from the feminist debate Jennifer Ryan. What makes you a real man? Matt Cooper: I hated that you proved yourself as a man by your ability to be violent Patrick Freyne. There's also talk of a property by the sea in Ireland.

Are Gay Men Really Rich? (Ep. 148)

The year-old former billboard model from Sandymount is now part of the richest double act in Canada. Hilary Frayne and up-and-coming Canadian businessman Galen Weston fell in love and married in The glamorous couple lived in Wicklow for a number of years as Galen built up his business interests, which started as the Powers supermarket chain and then evolved into Penneys. However, threats of an IRA kidnap saw them move to Canada. The bulk of the Weston fortune comes from retail.

Posh retail and supermarkets. Weston has a controlling interest in Loblaw, which is Canada's largest supermarket company, as well as being the second largest luxury retailer in the world. Another big fat blob of wealth comes from the Weston Foods business, Canada's biggest bread and bakery company. The Westons have a slew of really opulent properties around the world, apart from the home base in Canada; there are homes in Windsor, France and the Caribbean. The family has also developed a luxurious and very exclusive gated community in Florida.

And it's only half of the overall Weston fortune. In the mids the Weston family divvied up their business interests, with one part taking North America and the other taking Europe. The richest Irish-born man on the list, O'Brien saw his fortune rise on the back of the continuing growth and success of his Digicel mobile phone empire, which now has over 13 million customers in 30 different countries.

He's turned that windfall into a fortune more than 20 times bigger in just over a decade, through the phenomenal success of his Digicel mobile business. Digicel has been growing rapidly over the last year and narrowly missed out on a bid for the mobile licence in Burma.

How to be a Man

Despite the setback, O'Brien, 56, now looks to be developing mobile phone and mast infrastructure in the Asian state. It is thought that he is also looking at expanding into Africa, with Ethiopia as a possible beach head. The Digicel mobile business is also developing into a major financial services player, as more and more people use its mobile phone cash transfer and payments service.

This will be a huge opportunity for O'Brien. But O'Brien owns far more than just a mega mobile phone operator. He is the largest shareholder in Ireland's biggest media company INM, as well as controlling the major private radio operator Communicorp, which broadcasts Today FM, Newstalk and Spin He also owns some prime real estate in Dublin — both commercial and residential — and a stake in Sterling Energy, which is looking for oil in Kurdistan.

He owns a massive resort and residential complex in Quinta da Lago on the Algarve, as well as an extensive golf course business. O'Brien also successfully refinanced the Topaz petrol station chain, giving him control of one of the State's largest cash-processing businesses, as well as the biggest finished fuel importer in Ireland.

Texas-based private-equity mogul John P Grayken picked up Irish citizenship in the s. The Pittsburgh-educated economist worked on Wall Street before setting up on his own in Grayken made a fortune during the Asian economic crisis of the late s, buying low and selling high. The initial successes were in the banking sectors of Japan and South Korea.

Now he's focused almost entirely on property and property-related loans. Ireland has featured heavily on Grayken's radar over the last two years, with Lone Star kicking almost every tyre going. Lone Star buys these loans at a discount, tidies up the assets and waits for markets to improve before flipping them at a mega profit.

Grayken is understood to have a yacht in the Caribbean as well as a fine period mansion in Surrey.

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Louth animal healthcare magnate Pearse Lyons is working on major plans to grow his hugely successful Alltech business in the extremely lucrative Chinese market. The company is in supercharged growth phase and is making buckets of money. A couple of transformational acquisitions are said to be on the way too.

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Biochemist Lyons, 69, began in the Harp factory in Dundalk before moving to the US to seek his fortune. He found it in yeast. Lyons was able to see the potential of using yeast and yeast derivatives in animal feed and more specifically in animal healthcare products. Lyons spends around days of the year travelling around the globe in his bombardier jet visiting Alltech's operations. He also has a brewing business, with a facility in Carlow. Dorrance, an heir to the Campbell's Soup fortune, moved to Ireland in with his Finnish wife, to avail of our benevolent tax regime.

He renounced his US citizenship, becoming an Irish citizen as part of the process. The year-old sold most of his Dorrance — nicknamed "Ippy" — also owns major tracts of land in Devils Tower, Wyoming, as well as some prime real estate in London. Dermot Desmond is Ireland's own version of Warren Buffett. His investments over the last decade and a half, ranging from technology, media, shares and debt, have generated quite terrific returns for the former stockbroker. Desmond set up NCB stockbrokers in as a means to disrupt the sleepy Irish market.

He spent the next decade becoming a billionaire, through a series of daring stock market gambles or other currency deals. He owns a 22 per cent stake in the listed Mountain Province Diamonds, which is developing the biggest new diamond mine in the world up in the icy tundra of Canada's north-western territories. Desmond, 62, controls Celtic football club, having earlier made a mint when flipping shares in Manchester United before it was sold to the Glazers.

Other assets include a chunk of the Barchester Healthcare nursing home chain, as well as fast-growing biometric technology firm Daon — which could be worth an absolute fortune. The Macroom man has also become the second largest shareholder of INM, as well as having positions in Datalex and Ladbrokes. When the swashbuckling IFSC-based financier is this quiet, it generally means that he's up to something big.

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There have also been whispers that Desmond has been making an absolute killing in the corporate debt markets over the last year. Desmond has also bought debt in Intel, Newmount Mining and other blue chips in recent years. Naughton is Ireland's most successful industrialist, with his Glen Dimplex heating and electrical equipment empire a massive global success story.

It's the world's biggest heater company. And it's all run from the nerve centre up in Louth. The business started in Newry in ; with Naughton, 72, and his partner Lochlann Quinn building up bulk through the acquisition of first Dimplex and then Morphy Richards. Constant reinvestment saw Glen Dimplex generate real scale and develop brands such as Belling and Morphy Richards.

Naughton was one of the first Irish businessmen to get into the Chinese market. Glen Dimplex is an unlimited company so its full finances are difficult to penetrate. However, Northern Ireland subsidiary Glen Electric showed sales slip 3. He owns a fantastic stately pile at Stackallen in Meath. As well as being a major Irish art collector, Naughton is one of the most generous philanthropists on the island, donating to the arts and education.

He donates half of his annual earnings to good causes. Cleary had made money from farming in Meath before moving to New Zealand in the late s.

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He discovered that he had quite the knack for business and built up a string of enormous dairy farms, ultimately becoming one of New Zealand's biggest milk tycoons. The land banks involved were huge and became increasingly valuable as property prices soared. Cleary also got involved in commercial and retail property development schemes in New Zealand, selling one property to pop star Shania Twain's husband. He is believed to have sold down a large portion of his portfolio before reinvesting in shopping centres in Argentina, the US and Eastern Europe as well as telecoms interests.

He made an absolute fortune when masterminding some spectacularly lucrative deals in Asia in the s.