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Historical and political contexts are explored in a thoroughly engaging manner — since its foundation in the GAA has always been irrevocably linked with Irish Nationalism. Thus the museum does not shirk from recounting key, politically sensitive events such as the first Bloody Sunday, when British troops fired on the crowd attending a match in , killing twelve people in the process.

On a lighter note, upstairs you can have a go at whacking a hurling ball or test your balance and reactions via various simulations.

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Sited in the now unpromising suburb of Marino, the Casino is probably the finest piece of Neoclassical architecture in Ireland. The building was commissioned by James Caulfield, the first Earl of Charlemont, shortly after returning from eight years on the Grand Tour. A walk up adjoining Dalkey and Killiney hills, before descending to Killiney DART station, offers panoramic views of the city and its environs, and can all be done in an hour and a half from Dalkey DART station at a moderate pace.

From Dalkey, head southeast on Sorrento Road, and then either take the easier route to the right up Knocknacree and Torca roads, or continue along cliffside Vico Road, from where steps and a path ascend steeply.

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On Torca Road, Shaw fans might want to track down privately owned Torca Cottage, where GBS lived for several years as a boy and where he occasionally returned to write in later years. From here, follow the partly wooded ridge up to Killiney Hill, where a stone obelisk, built to provide work during the severe winter of , enjoys even more glorious views, north to Howth and south to Killiney Bay and the Wicklow Mountains. Now a pretty seaside suburb set against the tree-clad slopes of Dalkey Hill, in medieval times Dalkey prospered as a fortified settlement and the main port of Dublin, until the dredging of the River Liffey in the sixteenth century took away its business.

The initial impact of some historical events often runs counter to their long-term effects and such was the case with the Easter Rising of The Rising was organized by the Irish Republican Brethren IRB , a Republican grouping that had been founded in , and was now led by educationalist and Gaelic cultural revivalist Patrick Pearse and Scots-born socialist and trades union activist James Connolly.

Impelled by the continuing failure of democratic means to achieve the goal of independence, they concocted a plan to take over by force, aided by the much larger Irish Volunteers, a Nationalist corps founded in , and using arms acquired from Germany. On the morning of Easter Monday, the rebels took control of a number of key buildings in the city centre and further afield. The British response was initially guarded, but a full-scale battle soon ensued, destroying much of the surrounding area and heavily damaging rebel-held buildings elsewhere in the city.

It took five days for the rebellion to be suppressed and its leaders captured. Dubliners decried the uprising at its outset, dismayed by the devastation ravaged upon their city by the fighting. In the process, the British created national martyrs, transforming the situation irrevocably and ultimately leading to a bitter war of independence. Perhaps no other writer has so encapsulated the life, lore and mores of his native city as James Joyce so successfully achieved in his remarkable novels, most notably Ulysses This annual pilgrimage undertaken by Joycean aficionados across the city has become known as Bloomsday.

Though you can undertake to cover the Bloomsday route independently a Ulysses map is available from the Dublin Tourism Centre , guided walks are organized by the James Joyce Centre. Not long after meeting a Connemara-born chambermaid, Nora Barnacle, having first dated her on June 16, , the pair eloped to Europe. Other than two brief visits to Ireland, Joyce spent the rest of his life in exile living in cities across Europe — in Pola now Pula in Istria, Trieste, Zurich and, notably, Paris, where Ulysses was published in and he finally wed Nora in On a ridge above the Liffey, where previously the Vikings had established themselves, the Anglo-Norman invaders rebuilt Dublin in the thirteenth century around a doughty castle.

The castle was the seat of British power in Ireland for seven hundred years, after its establishment by the Anglo-Normans in the early thirteenth century as the main element of their walled city, and successfully withstood all attempts to take it by force. It did, however, succumb to a major fire in and was rebuilt during the eighteenth century as a complex of residential and administrative buildings over two quadrangles, giving a sedate collegiate appearance. The outline of the medieval castle is traced by the Upper Yard; above its original main gate, the Cork Hill State Entrance, stands a statue of Justice, wearing no blindfold and turning her back on the city — a fitting symbol of British rule, locals reckon.

Built as the residence of the English viceroy and entered from the Upper Yard, the State Apartments are accessible on regular guided tours dublincastle. Inside the apartments, the Grand Staircase leads up to the east wing of bedrooms and drawing rooms, refurbished to their eighteenth- and nineteenth-century style after a major fire in The brass chandelier in the Throne Room, with its shamrock, rose and thistle emblems, commemorates the Act of Union, while the Picture Gallery beyond is lined with viceroys, including — hiding ignominiously behind the door — the First Marquis of Cornwallis, who not only lost the American colonies, but also faced rebellions as viceroy, first of India, then of Ireland The tour also includes the Chapel Royal in the Lower Yard, an ornate Gothic Revival gem, and the excavations of the Undercroft, which have revealed the base of the gunpowder tower of the medieval castle and steps leading down to the moat, fed by the old River Poddle on its way down to the Liffey, as well as part of the original Viking ramparts.

As the takings were going to charity, ladies were requested not to wear hoops in their crinolines, to get more bums on seats. Elegantly displayed in high-tech galleries, the artefacts are used to tell the story of religious and artistic traditions across the world with great ingenuity.

Though occupying the highest point of the old city, Christ Church Cathedral is now hemmed in by buildings and traffic and appears as an unexceptional Gothic Revival edifice. From as early as the seventh century, there may have been a small Celtic church on these grounds, and in about , the recently converted Viking king of Dublin, Sitric Silkenbeard, built a wooden cathedral here.

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This in turn was replaced by the Normans, who between and erected a magnificent stone structure to mark their accession to power. Of this, the crypt, the transept which retains a few eroded Romanesque carvings , the west end of the choir and the remarkable leaning north wall can still be seen — as the church had been built over a bog, the roof collapsed in , bringing down the south wall and pulling the north side of the nave half a metre out of the perpendicular.

The original, around which the landlords of Dublin had gathered to collect rents, was destroyed by the sixteenth-century roof collapse, and had to be replaced with a fourteenth-century effigy of one of the earls of Drogheda so that business could proceed as usual. The chapels off the choir show the Anglo-Normans celebrating their dual nationality. To the left stands the Chapel of St Edmund, the ninth-century king of East Anglia who was martyred by the Vikings, while on the right is the Chapel of St Laud, the sixth-century bishop of Coutances in Normandy.

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In extravagant contrast is a chunky silver-gilt plate, around a metre wide, presented by King William III in thanksgiving for his victory at the Battle of the Boyne in Its Victorian restoration, however, by Sir Benjamin Guinness in the s, was more sensitive than at Christ Church, and it has a more appealing, lived-in feel, thanks largely to its clutter of quirky funerary monuments. Dublin has two Church of Ireland cathedrals because, in the s, Archbishop John Comyn left the clergy of Christ Church and built his own palace and church here outside the city walls, and therefore beyond the jurisdiction of the city provosts.

The Door of Reconciliation by the north transept recalls a quarrel between the earls of Kildare and Ormond in Nearby in the north aisle of the choir, a simple black slab commemorates Duke Frederick Schomberg, who advised William of Orange to come to Ireland in but had the misfortune to be slain at the ensuing Battle of the Boyne. West of the Guinness Brewery lies the rather more salubrious area of Kilmainham where you'll find Kilmainham Gaol. Opened in , it became the place of incarceration for captured revolutionaries, including the leaders of the Easter Rising, who were also executed here.

Its single cells ensured that they were forced into solitary contemplation, and since the building was constructed on top of limestone, their health was often sorely affected by damp and severe cold in winter. The ground floor display includes a mock-up of a cell and an early mug-shot camera, and there is a small side gallery showing paintings by Civil War internees and a huge self-portrait of Constance Gore-Booth better known as the Countess Markiewicz as the Good Shepherd.

The upstairs gallery provides an enthralling account of the struggle for independence with numerous mementos, old cinematic footage of Michael Collins and the letter ordering the release of Charles Stewart Parnell. The resulting liquid is diluted via the addition of water and then left in imported oak casks, formerly used for sherry, port or brandy, to mature for five to seven years, though some rare whiskeys are left 25 years before bottling. Adjacent to the distillery is an area christened Smithfield Village by developers.

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Much of the park is open space, sparsely dotted with trees, shrubs and wild flowers, though there are also areas of woodland and hawthorn. Today seventy percent of the students are Catholic, and Trinity, though it also calls itself Dublin University, is actually just one of three universities in the capital: its main rival, University College Dublin UCD , part of the National University of Ireland, is based at Belfield in the southern suburbs; while Dublin City University is in Glasnevin.

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The main gates give onto eighteenth-century Front Square, flanked, with appealing symmetry, by the Chapel and the Examination Hall, which is the elegant, stuccoed setting for occasional concerts. In New Square beyond, the School of Engineering occupies the old Museum Building , designed in extravagant Venetian Gothic style by Benjamin Woodward under the influence of his friend, John Ruskin, and awash with decorative stone-carving of animals and floral patterns.

Further on, in the northeastern corner of the college at the Pearse Street entrance, is the excellent, new Science Gallery. Bruce can really get audiences going: his own voice is often drowned out by the audience singalong — plenty noise and energy. Accommodation is scarce at this stage but you can try here:. Date: Fri 27 May , Venue: Aviva Stadium, Dublin This is a soccer friendly international with nothing at stake but pride and a desire to notch up another win before the more serious upcoming Internationals.

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