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She feels trapped, trapped in a world that isn't hers Her nurse, Stephen, agrees to take Clementine out to the courtyard of the hospital for some fresh air. This is where Clementine meets Kieran. A peculiar young man who has a strange affinity for orange Jell-O. This is where Clementine's life is left behind and Jane's life begins.

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For fear of Kieran finding out who she really is and that she is the survivor of the plane crash, she lies, she tells Kieran her name is Jane. As a friendly game of "truth or dare" unfolds, Jane dares Kieran to take her away from the hospital. She creates a phony story as to why she's there in the first place and asks for his help.

Kieran agrees to help. From this point on Clementine is forced to keep up the lie and the life of Jane. She's introduced to Kieran's twin sister, Siobhan, who is pregnant, and has a strong dislike for Jane. She meets Siobhan's boss, Clive, an eccentric shop owner who has a hidden love for Jane Austen novels. Soon, Jane has found her place So, how can she leave this behind?

She knows that she has to return to her father, to her life as Clementine, even though she still doesn't know who he is and ultimately who she is. Could you imagine? Waking up with amnesia, not remembering anything from your past? Being reborn again? What a flood of emotions that would bring?

Fear, panic, sadness, confusion, frustration, but mostly the feeling of isolation. Even though you really wouldn't be alone, I can't help but think it would be a very lonely thing to go through.

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You have to reestablish yourself all over again. You can't just simply reenter your life like re-spawning in some video game. Rebekah Crane presents Clementine as a strong young woman I would say mature well beyond her years, and it's not until later in the novel when Clementine finally finds herself that you truly understand where this strength comes from. All things considered, I will admit, this was the only part of the novel that I had a hard time with.

The way the story unfolds in the end at first seems to almost have this poetic justice about it, and although I saw it coming, my heart ached for Clementine.

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I didn't want her story to end there, carrying more guilt than she already felt. Everything unravels and it all begins to fall down around her. But I promise I want to thank NetGalley, Skyscape and Two Lions, and Rebekah Crane for allowing me the chance to read this novel in exchange for my review. It was truly a pleasure! View 1 comment. Sep 14, Mel Epic Reading rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-netgalley. Contemporary teen books and I are not usually friends. I still read them because when I like one it is often amazing. The Upside of Falling Down is an unusual situation as I didn't love it or hate it.

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  • It was okay. I find I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other. Plot Easily the best part of this book is the plot. Rebekah Crane takes us on a journey with our lead gal who has temporary amnesia.


    And while she has all the correct supports in place; she still runs away because in her mind Contemporary teen books and I are not usually friends. And while she has all the correct supports in place; she still runs away because in her mind she isn't the girl everyone at the hospital thinks she is. I can absolutely see myself as a teen doing exactly what our lead gal does. The twisting road the anmesia leads us on as readers is interesting. We only know what our lead girl knows; which means we have an unreliable narrator that may not be giving us all the details in the right order or even accurately.

    As the reader we also don't know what our lead gal is leaving out. What details is she not seeing or choosing to ignore. If you're a smart reader you'll actually focus on what she isn't telling us more than what she is. Yes there is an obvious, in your face love interest; and of course he's attractive, rich and without the 'constraints' of parents being present in his life.

    The perfect scenario for our lead girl to fall into. The first time is a bit glossed over but overall the interactions between the two feel genuine and reminded me of my own stumbling teenage years and relations with boys. So while the scenario may be convenient I'll give Crane props for making our teens act like teens.

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    Overall There is a fun twist to this book that all goes back to our unreliable lead gal whose telling us the story. I liked how by the end I was ready for what happened and felt it made good sense. For some it may seem far-fetched but I didn't feel that way. With the exception of some convenient moments in the plot and characters I overall felt this was a well put together contemporary teen novel. And from this pessimistic teen literature reviewer that is actually a pretty good compliment.

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    This is an honest and unbiased review. Mar 15, Julie rated it it was amazing. Well that took me by surprise. Well done Mrs.

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    Sep 06, Shealea rated it did not like it Shelves: arc-review , not-recommended. Full review to follow! Quick thoughts: - Well, this was dreadfully boring and underwhelming. The reveals were also terribly done. I was all here for magical realism and Ireland but the uncomfortable romance that replaced it was not my cup of tea. The lengths he took to pull off that level of manipulation made me sick. I cannot believe that he genuinely believed he was doing the right thing.

    I wanted Clementine to have nothing to do with him. I was in complete agreement with Siobhan. The plot was also so goddamn unbelievable. It is probably a preference thing but I wanted to focus on Clementine working through her trauma, discovering who she wanted to be as a person and all of that, not a convoluted romance. Oh well. Deep down she remains the same girl but some things have changed.

    She has the opportunity to start over and be someone else.