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A male kind and reliable private carer available to look after your loved ones and provide peace of mind, assistance thr ough the night. Garda vetted carer, care skills Fetac 5 completed and very good references. Lots of experience in night care, available to assist toileting in middle of the night for elderly people, providing companionship and helping to get up and ready in the morning.

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Night time carer. Minimum 4 hours work preferred. Around Dubling I am available Monday to Fri Male Masseuse in Shankill Dublin. New Massage Studio in Shankill Dublin. Cozy and Comfortable Massage Studio. All kinds of Massage Services Available.

`Married guys, all they want is to touch and feel another guy'

This is Not a sexual Service. Parking Available. Male Massage Therapist in Ballsbridge D4. Achieved at Naturaclass in Fuengirola, Spain. Relaxing your mind and releasing tension from body muscles. Treatments available cover Swedish Massage, Male Massage Therapist. Hello, Male massage therapist available for treatments in Dublin. Itec Level 3 diploma in Swedish massage achieved from Crumlin college I am based in Dublin I am nice, polite, easy to communicate with, hygienic. Please message me On WhatsApp for rates and availability. Please do not phone as I cannot answer my phone at all times.

I've visited one couple 10 or more times -- they're married with a child and demand that I'm extremely discreet so that nobody knows what they're doing. But they want to prevent their marriage from becoming boring. They pay me to help keep their marriage going," he explains. Nikolaus says single Irish women often go home with someone at the end of a night out but, he claims, that can be disappointing, if the man has had too much to drink and can't perform.

Some women use his services because there are problems in their marriage. Sometimes, he adds, a woman will go to an escort because she feels she's overweight or ugly, or because she's disappointed with how her husband looks. Twenty per cent of what I earn goes on my appearance, on the solarium, new clothes.

He would prefer more female clients, but says he can't make good money working with women alone, as there aren't enough clients. They don't want to go out on dinner dates; maybe one drink to relax themselves, but that's it.

Other sources disagree: according to one sex worker's website, many male escorts offer a 'boyfriend experience' to female clients. Eighty per cent of the time I hear the phrase, 'This is my first time with an escort' and, usually, women like to move slowly at first. Nikolas says he likes the money and freedom of escorting, but sometimes hates what he does and feels that he "loses his honour". But like the other male escorts I speak to, he finishes with some cheery sales patter: "Please recommend me to any of your female friends who have a birthday coming up or just want to have some fun.

When we meet, he's casually dressed and fit-looking. But here-in lies one reason why male escorts have such a small market in Ireland. Most women have to fancy a guy to go to bed with him. I don't fancy Nikolas or any of the other male escorts that I find online. And even if I did, I wouldn't dream of paying for the privilege. It must be the convent girl in me.

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Not that all former convent girls think the same way. In New Zealand, broadcaster, former politician and convent-educated Pam Corkery announced that she was going to open the world's first legal male brothel in Auckland in Her 'romance meets finance' venture was to include a beauty salon blow dries , a room penthouse blow jobs and a bar. More than 1, men applied for jobs and Corkery declared the venture "a massive breakthrough for female sexual freedom".

In one comment that made women sound like sexually demanding ladettes, she said: "Our clients won't have to flatter our men, laugh at crap jokes, feign interest in jobs of no interest, watch the history channel or contend with poor grooming. However, it seems the world just isn't ready for male brothels.

`Married guys, all they want is to touch and feel another guy'

Corkery's venture collapsed for a variety of reasons, one of which, she claimed, was resistance from the male establishment. In Nevada, the Shady Lady ranch hired a male prostitute in in an effort to drum up business. Ten days after he started work, he resigned due to a lack of female clients. In , madam Heidi Fleiss talked about opening 'Heidi's Stud Farm' -- that too fell by the wayside, with Fleiss herself saying, "Why bother paying when you can go swinging or on Craig's List for free? After Nikolas, I go in search of an escort who works only with women and who operates as a traditional escort, accompanying women to social functions; the classic gigolo.

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I strike up an email correspondence with 'Patric', who says he's Italian. His emails come via a Polish server. He tells me he came to Ireland six years ago to work as a qualified masseur. During one massage session in a top Dublin hotel, his English client, a year-old woman, offered to pay him for sex. On that day, I decided to become a male escort.

It all sounds very Samantha, very 'Sex and the City', very text book. Irish photojournalist John D McHugh is not an overtly sentimental man. He is frenetic, impassioned, and — when talking about Afghanistan — often furious. Even in the midst of everything that is going on, people strive to live their lives and they seek happiness. And she was bringing a little joy to all the other kids up there. He is worried about what will happen to Madina Saidi and millions like her when NATO forces withdraw from the country next year.

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He fears that they will come directly into the firing line of a bloody civil war. And by his own admission, there is no way he can mitigate that fear; he is too invested in the Afghanistan story.

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In particular, he does not want to talk about the day he was shot and nearly killed while embedded with a platoon of US soldiers. Afghanistan is a sad story because an awful lot of money has been spent and an awful lot of opportunities have been squandered. When NATO forces bring their year operation to a close next year, McHugh believes, there will be widespread bloodshed. Ever-careful not to slip into hyperbole, he wants to clarify. He does not believe that the Taliban — or any of the other rarely mentioned factions — will seize power as they did in I think we are going to see a bloodbath.

That view, he adds, is common both among ordinary Afghan citizens and the many local experts, including the former Taliban envoy to the United Nations, whose everyday lives he has been documenting over the past year. The only news stories that do reach the British and American public about life on the ground, he says, reaffirm one of two falsehoods; that the war is unwinnable or that the ANA is ready to take on the task of national defence and the NATO forces have done their job.

These achieve nothing in themselves because large numbers of insurgents get killed, they take no ground and they achieve nothing. McHugh adds that the under-estimated enemy is also adept at appropriating Western media in other ways as a platform from which to proclaim their message that time spent in Afghanistan is time wasted.

They did not, but that easy story gets reported because of lazy journalism. The policy, which is particularly popular among US forces, is simple: If any operation goes well, give all the credit to the Afghan troops, ostensibly to improve their morale, and make sure everyone sees you doing it.